Freedom Leading Me to Claiming Victory

Today, I choose to share my writing reflection re: “What are the connections between the Writers’ Retreat experience and your future plans.” Here it goes: The Writers’ Retreat has taught me that my work is necessary for the world. It is has reinforced the notion of holding true to my dedication to banning self-censorship. ItContinue reading “Freedom Leading Me to Claiming Victory”

What’s in Between the Dash? /Do it Your Way

Today’s experience was unique! I was very frustrated at having to just see a bright yellow screen with no photo of myself in the Google Hangout. If online is challenging, online without seeing faces is extremely annoying. I was a bit angry at Apple (such a finicky laptop for me). I am following a friend’sContinue reading “What’s in Between the Dash? /Do it Your Way”

Interviews on the Topic of Supporting the Development of Student Voice in Writing

The concept of voice is difficult to grasp, but it is essential for understanding and appreciating literary works. It is the most elusive feature of writing, but also the most important, because it helps writers form an emotional connection to their readers. Voice is an author’s distinct style. In the audio interviews that follow, SusanContinue reading “Interviews on the Topic of Supporting the Development of Student Voice in Writing”

Encouraging Nascent Voices

God Spoke Light into Existence, Genesis 1:8 Voice is very personal, yet it is driven by faith and relying on God to get you to where you rightfully belong. View these images and accompanying text with open eyes, hearts and minds. Finding a unique voice involves struggle but it is an honorable one, especially forContinue reading “Encouraging Nascent Voices”

An Ode to Us: “We on Fire Like That”

As you will see in the poem that I will attach, I have gained knowledge of the heart and mind in Writing Theory and Practice (more affectionally referred to as Monday nights). I venture to say that most of us ran to Monday nights as a refuge, as so eloquently stated by my colleague, Emily.Continue reading “An Ode to Us: “We on Fire Like That””

Blow Ya Mind: Towards Creating a Lasting Impact in English Writing Studies

If I had to give you more, it’s only been a year  Now, I’ve got my foot through the door, and I ain’t going nowhere  It took a while to get me here, and I’m gonna take my time  Don’t fight that good s$%t in your ear, now let me blow ya mind  (Chorus ofContinue reading “Blow Ya Mind: Towards Creating a Lasting Impact in English Writing Studies”

The Hidden Face of Horror: A Review of Cafe Macabre

It’s really all in the title. This is a collection of short stories edited by Leah McNaughton Lederman. Several of her own unique stories are also included in these Tell-Tale heart beating pages (yes it is that good). The collection represents the human face of horror that we often do not see in current fictionContinue reading “The Hidden Face of Horror: A Review of Cafe Macabre”

Frame(works): Multiliteracies and Writing

In Multiliteracies and Writing, the developing of frameworks is crucial. Without giving students a framework, they will become nervous, frustrated and at worst, quit. This is something that I appreciated as part of Writing Theory and Practice. The pre-Fall 2019-me balked at the idea of giving students frameworks (too confining). I thank Nives, Susan andContinue reading “Frame(works): Multiliteracies and Writing”

Agitating for Authenticity: Writing and Identity

The natural creation of a pearl requires agitation. This image came to mind while reading Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Freire suggests that authentic identity, with all of its nuances, cannot be achieved until oppressors and the oppressed first understand their roles and then work together towards agitating true freedom. That is, the oppressorContinue reading “Agitating for Authenticity: Writing and Identity”