An Ode to Us: “We on Fire Like That”

As you will see in the poem that I will attach, I have gained knowledge of the heart and mind in Writing Theory and Practice (more affectionally referred to as Monday nights). I venture to say that most of us ran to Monday nights as a refuge, as so eloquently stated by my colleague, Emily. We were also so excited to learn from each other. Writing pedagogies came to life through our presentations and our discussions and critiques. I’ve been truly blessed to have had this unique experience and I look forward to many more with people I am proud to say are my colleagues, some of whom are genuine friends. I hate goodbyes, so I am not saying that. But there is undoubtedly a sense of bittersweetness in my heart. But then, what is sweetness without bitterness? What is sugar without salt? These types of contraries are the very essence of what it means to live. Here is my verse, entitled “It All Changed in the Fall.”

Regarding the final project, I never expected that I would journey so far back into my childhood to explore my own Voice. I thought I would be discussing my post-secondary school education, which is where I really learned to hone my own unique voice. As the saying goes, you make plans and God laughs. Writing is a beautiful, winding journey. It always surprises me where it takes me. It was wonderful for me to consider how many obstacles little Medea faced and she did not even recognize them as insurmountable obstacles at the time. She just felt, responded and well, used her voice. Every negative experience that has tried to stifle my voice has strengthened my indomitable spirit and my faith in God. I especially grateful that as things became hard, I did not turn away from Him. Of course, I have had wonderful nurturing experiences where my spirit has been fed and my voice was able to flourish naturally. However, in my formative years, it was the tough times that built my identity and incidentally, have lead to laughable absurdities. Just look at the picture of me standing next to my kindergarten teacher, it’s all in the expression in my face and my eyes, which do not lie.

Thank you Writer’s Tribe, including Dr. Zamora,

I look forward to future adventures with you.

And here is how I feel about us as a Tribe:

We on Fire Like That!

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Creative writer, lyrical gangster, poet, student of life and an attorney. Speaks Italian and Spanish.

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