Blow Ya Mind: Towards Creating a Lasting Impact in English Writing Studies

If I had to give you more, it’s only been a year 

Now, I’ve got my foot through the door, and I ain’t going nowhere 

It took a while to get me here, and I’m gonna take my time 

Don’t fight that good s$%t in your ear, now let me blow ya mind 

(Chorus of “Blow Ya Mind” by Eve, featuring Gwen Stefani) 

Your blog post for this week should be a description of your own personal goals for this project.  This is not an invitation to share your freewriting.  Rather, your blog post should be a more polished or cohesive narrative (or summary-description) of what you have learned from the freewriting.  In your blog reflection, please identify learning outcomes that matter the most to you.  What do you want to learn?  In addition, please describe a few project concepts that you have developed in order to realize the learning outcomes that are most meaningful to you.  In other words, please describe a few project concepts with as much detail as possible.  What do you want to make?  Why?   –

I think it is essential that we keep referring back to Dr. Zamora’s instructions when we approach our final project. This is supposed to be a cumulative experience of what we want to learn and contribute. 

I want to learn about how art intersects with our intellectual/emotional experiences of writing. I want to create a project that creates a lasting, aesthetic expression of what this program is about. I do not want to summarize the concepts that we have already learned, but rather synthesize them to fuel something that will both emotive, intellectual and artistic. 

Here are a few ideas that to which I have given serious consideration: 

(1) Creating a sharp, digital portfolio of photographs that are annotated by our personal reflections.

We could take pictures of objects, people, anything that is meaningful to us. Under those photos, we can express how education has motivated us or has hindered us (or both). We should be free to tell our own stories. Here is an example (obviously unedited in terms of background, font type and other stylistic elements): 

Shoes’ Blues:


You said I could not walk a mile in my shoes because they weren’t made for long distance. I walked anyway and broke the strap, but I didn’t stop. They dug into my bare feet, but I kept walking to the class you said was too advanced for me. 

You said I wouldn’t be able to reach the podiums because I would still be too short, I found a stack of books to anchor my steps, no one was the wiser. I spoke with confidence. My own definitive voice was heard, and you were shocked…Don’t expect me to drop the mic just yet.  

…To all the “yous” out there… my shoes have miles to walk before I sleep.

(2) How about casting our hands in plaster in a star shape (like an all-hands in, “go team” shape that players form before they break and go back to the field)? We could design key words on the hands. We could glue the formation to a piece of wood, then we’d mount it on the wall. My goal would be for it to remain in the English Department. 

(3) How about creating something similar to the collaborative poem that was done for the National Writing Project? We would each have to contribute short poetry/lyrical pieces that would form a cohesive whole and then weave them together into a whole by means of recording our voices and then stringing them together into one MP3 piece. The focus question could be: what have I learned that I didn’t know before this semester? Of course, we’d have to be careful that we don’t duplicate our answers.

(4) I love the idea of creating a quilt that echoes the sentiments of #3.

(5) Also incorporating the ideas above, it would be great to create a tree and hang personal leaves utilizing important quotes from readings as well as experiences we’ve had. Doing the leaves would not be hard. But building a tree is quite a task. I would like it to look like an actual small tree that resides in the English Department.

What my colleagues have said: 

  • I like the idea of confessions of a writer that Meagan talked about. 
  • I also like the idea of creating a writer’s journal in which we contribute concrete ideas to avoid writer’s block and also includes what we have learned. (Meagan again). This could give us the freedom to create multiple artistic expressions as well.
  • The idea of an open mic comedy routine is also great (Nives). It is my philosophy that tragedy plus time equals comedy (not my quote). We can tell stories of how we failed yet pulled ourselves up in educational circumstances. Humor is also a great way in which we can cast ourselves in our cultural backgrounds, which I believe never leave us. 
  • I like the idea of a play- However, if we do one, I don’t think we should do someone else’s play because I don’t see how this would reflect our unique learning and writing experience. We would have to collaborate to write a new piece. It would not have to be a traditional 5 act play. 

I look forward to everyone’s ideas! I want us to stretch our minds and collaborate effectively.  If anyone wants to add to my ideas to make them concrete, please feel free to do so. I also welcome all criticism, good and bad.

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